Bungalow Farmers Markets and Crystal Castle!

Hi! So today we are off to the Farmers markets which is about a 5 – 10 min drive from Byron Bay. I absolutely love being able to get hold of fresh organic produce that has been harvested straight from the earth and made available for people like myself to be able to buy and enjoy, so I was super excited when I found out Byron Bay actually has 2 market days a week!

We did unfortunately miss the main one which is held on a Thursday but we managed to make it to the Bangalow Farmers Markers which i’ve been told are a little smaller which mind you doesn’t bother me in the slightest, as long as my favourites are there (which they were) that’s all I care about!


Here are some happy snaps of what caught my eye!


Farm fresh avocados, truss tomatoes, paw paw, papaya, bananas & potatoes! 


Hydrating with some delicious organic lime/mint infused water

The market is quite cute, you can expect to find an array of fresh local grown produce, skin care products, antiques and live music. We didn’t stay to long so after few purchases we jumped in the car and starting making our way to somewhere I been wanting to visit for a long time now, and that place is Crystal Castle, just a short drive out from Byron! !



Crystal Castle Byron Bay – Hold and behold the enchanting beauty of crystal from gigantic formations to exquisite jewellery. Walk among gods through stunning gardens and rainforest. Find yourself an ancient labyrinth. Touch the world peace stupa blessed by Gyuto Monks of Tibet. Ignite the senses, enrich your spirit. – Crystal Castle. 

I was expecting wow coming here but really? WOW! I am so blown away by how beautiful Crystal Castle really is, I must admit I am a massive crystal lover and have been to many crystal places around the world, this place definitely tops anywhere I have ever been and I am so in love!

From the moment you reach the front entrance, you are immediatly captivated by the beauty of some of the worlds largest crystals which have been embedded throughout the walk of endless lush tranquil gardens and sparkling water features. You could spend an entire day here and not get bored what so ever.


After a couple of hours walking around and soaking in all the beauty, we stopped to enjoy a healthy locally grown lunch up at the Lotus Cafe which overlooks the breathtaking hinterland and organic garden just a short walk away. Right next door to the cafe is an amazing crystal shop full of some of the most amazing crystals I have ever seen.



Lotus Garden salad and green Smoothie – Organic Garden – Crystal shop 


IMG_1372rosestone (1)IMG_1277

My purchase – Rare Smoky Citrine Quartz Crystal – From the garden, a quote Engraved into Rose Quartz by the Dalai Lama & Quartz crystals. 

bamboome    bamboo

Bamboo gardens

It was such a magical experience and I really can’t wait to come back here some time soon, I left feeling so grounded and peaceful. Crystal Castle has definitely exceeded my expectations and is now on my list as one of my favourite places to go out of my way to visit again!

Sab x

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