Dairy & Refined Sugar Free Caramel Sundae

Nice cream would have to be one of the best creations ever created for someone like myself who likes to enjoy a simple clean eating diet free from unrefined sugars, dairy and other additives/preservaties found in so many of the foods you find on the shelves of supermarkets these days..

I still cannot fathom how anyone would prefer standard store bought ice-cream when you can make something that not only tastes better but is 100x healthier for you!

I can still remember the very first time my Mum introduced me to dairy free banana based ice-cream when I was around 15, I think she almost regrets making it for myself and 2 other brothers as from that moment on it was all we requested be our dessert just about every night thereafter! (sorry not sorry Mum).

Here we are  (without giving away how many years have past), and I am still enjoying my nice cream! What's fun about it is you can add so many different flavours to it and it still tastes amazing, today I am sharing one of my favourites and I really hope you will try it and fall in love to! :) x


Ingredients for Ice-cream:

Serves 2

4 large frozen and peeled and chopped ripe bananas (I prefer the spotty bananas as they are slightly sweeter and creamier.)

few drops vanilla essence

1 medjool date

1 scoop raw vegan vanilla protein powder (optional)

1/3 cup almond or coconut milk

Method: Blend Ice-cream ingredients in food processor, thermomix or high speed blender until you get a very smooth ice-cream consistency. (You may need to stop a few times to push ingredients down or around.)

Ingredients for Caramel sauce:

2 tbs unhulled tahini paste

2 tbs pure maple syrup

few drops natural vanilla essence

(Optional topping suggestion: Loving Earths caramelised buckinis)

Method: In a small bowl, mix caramel ingredients together.

Once you have ice-cream and caramel ready,  pour/layer into serving dish, serve with caramelised buckinis and enjoy!

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