Vegan Choc Chip Cookie & Vanilla Nice-cream Sandwiches

Choc chip cookies and vanilla nice-cream, what a combo and such a delicious afternoon treat or dessert everyone will love! This is fast becoming a favourite of mine, you get the chewiness from the cookie followed by the divine flavour and texture of the vanilla nice-cream, I can't wait for you all to make it for yourself! Be sure to tag #rawspirations if you remake!! xx

Cookie Ingredients

1 cup plain gluten free flour

1 cup blanched almond meal

2 tbs nuttlex (vegan butter) / melt

½ cup coconut sugar (add 1 tbs more if you prefer sweeter)

few drops vanilla essence

½ cup dairy free chocolate chips

½ level tsp baking powder

1/4 cup coconut milk or filtered water

1 egg (vegan egg replacer) I used orgrain


1 - Mix all dry ingredients together in a small bowl

2 - Mix all wet ingredients together in a separate small bowl

3 - Combine both dry and wet ingredients together until incorporated. Stir in chocolate chips.

4 - Shape into cookies and place on a flat/lined baking tray.

5 - Bake for 15 mins on 180 degrees celsius or until slightly browned on edges (they cook very quickly so please monitor often). Allow to rest until cooled down.


Nice-Cream ingredients

3 large ripe frozen bananas / cut into quarters

1/2 tsp vanilla bean paste

1/4 cup coconut milk

3 medjool dates


1 - Blend in Vitamix (blender) or food processor until you get a thick creamy ice-cream texture.  You will need to push ingredients down every now and then as they may get stuck.

2 - Sandwich mixture in-between 2 cooled down cookies and serve immediately!

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