Vegan Mocha Choc Chip Ice-cream!!!

So, i've been experimenting lately with different textures, flavours and ingredients to try and create a healthy vegan ice-cream that's perfect all round.  Today's experiment (which i'm delighted to say), has turned out quite the winner.  I was a little sceptical about how it would turn out as I omitted ingredients that you would typically include in an raw vegan ice-cream mix such as nuts, bananas & avocados.  By removing these ingredients I am not saying I have a problem with them what so ever, I actually love my bananas, avos an nuts, I basically just like to mix things up a bit and see how far I can go with ingredient improvisation.

Any hoo, lets skip the intro and move on to the most important part of this post! The recipe to my mouth watering Vegan mocha choc chip ice-cream, yayyy!!!

You will need: Ice-cream container /tub - Approx 1 litre



1 tin (400ml) full fat organic coconut cream

2 tbs coconut oil

2 tbs cacao powder

1 shot espresso coffee (I used 1 nespresso capsule, de-caffeinated is fine too)

1/2 cup pure maple syrup

6 soft medjool dates

1 cup dairy free chocolate chips

few drops vanilla essence


1. In a food processor - place all Ingredients In except chocolate chips and pulse for a few minutes until you get a very smooth and lump free consistency.

2. Mix half the chocolate chips through the mix with a spoon and pour into Ice-cream tub. Sprinkle the remaining choc chips over the top.

3. Freeze for a minimum of 4 hours. If freezing over night, you will need to allow the ice-cream to rest for about 25 minutes before attempting to scoop out.

4. Serve in small bowls, drizzle with your choice of healthy chocolate sauce & dairy free choc chips!




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