Time out! My mystery getaway!

Ever just wanted to spontaneously pack your bags, buy a ticket, jump on a plane and disappear somewhere to relax and unwind? Well I’ve decided I’m going to do just that! It was almost like a brain snap, a sudden urge to want to remove myself from my current routine and take myself somewhere to feel grounded and re-invigorated again.

Most of us lead such busy lifestyles that we sometimes forget to stop even for a few minutes in a day to completely switch of to the world. We all seem to worried or caught up over what’s about to happen next that we hardly ever stop to just enjoy the present moment.


No matter how busy I am, my motto is, where there is a will there is a way. I will always find a way to remove myself from everything that i’m doing to step outside, find a nice quite and tranquil place to go, whether that be in the garden or up in the hills, find a comfortable place to sit and just be still and do nothing but breath..  Whether it be 5- 10 minutes, a few hours, or even better a few days to getaway, I cannot tell you just how beneficial it is for your body, mind and soul to be able to remove your thoughts from the past and future, (2 things that don’t even exist) and just be in the present moment taking it all in. I personally find It is one of the greatest ways to switch off, be with your own thoughts, and reconnect with your being.

I always say practice what you preach so my bags are packed, I just purchased my ticket and we are off and heading to a place surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery and beaches, genuinely down to earth souls and the most amazing fresh and healthy food the earth has to offer.

Stay tuned for next blog post to follow me on my little getaway!

Love Sab x

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